Welcome to Panera Bread Application dot org. Here you will learn that Panera Bread is not just an excellent eatery, it is also a great place of employment.  As with many quality restaurant jobs employees find themselves starting from the bottom and working their way up. Panera is no exception, many who start at low level positions with the restaurant quickly find themselves climbing the ladder and landing high priority positions such as supervisor or manager. This level of opportunity is truly what makes this restaurant such an enticing place to work at. But of course first thing is first. You will of course have to start by filling out the Panera application. Luckily the process is generally simple.

Available Positions

In filling out your Panera Bread application you will have several options as to which position to apply for. You may of course apply for more than one position but here is a breakdown of your options. First of all the most obvious position is food prep/baker. The restaurant needs experienced and motivated individuals that can correctly put together the food the restaurant sells. There are entry level positions in this field but having past cook experience will help you out in securing a position. Most basic positions you can include on your Panera Bread application are jobs such as cleaner. This position basically consists of taking out the trash, cleaning restrooms, etc. And the most popular position for applicants of this restaurant is cashier. This is a basic position that consists, of taking orders, interacting with customers, etc. Whichever position you apply for make sure that it is with your relative experience and skill level.


Required Information

A quick way to describe the restaurant’s application is that it is very similar to most other restaurants you may have already applied to.  It starts off by requesting your basic information. Simple things such as your name, address, phone number, etc. Next on the Panera Bread application are spaces asking for information such as your past job history. The safe way to fill in this area is to stay honest. Try not to embellish your past work history to try to increase your chances of employment. Other required information includes your education level and references. Again the best policy here is to be honest and accurate information, even if it doesn’t look especially impressive.


(Click here to download the official Panera Bread application)



To increase your chances of being hired by the restaurant there are a  few tips you should keep in mind. For one, when you are filling out your Panera Bread application it is important that you provide information with absolutely no spelling or grammar errors. The last thing you want to do is give a poor impression of your intelligence to the company. Secondly it is important that all the information you provide is factually correct. Some people are temped to embellish certain information on their applications. This is the absolute wrong route to take as application reviewers often check out the information you provide and if it is in fact false you will be denied for the position. One last tip in filling out the Panera Bread application is to type out your application on a type writer or word processor. This is not a necessity but it will deliver a message to the company that you are serious about securing a position with the company.


After you have turned in your Panera Bread application it is time to prepare for your interview. The worker who interviews you will ask you a series of questions in order to see if you are the right fit for the restaurant. In the interview it is important to stay calm and answer the interviewer’s questions  quickly and decisively. Also it is important to show up dressed well. For men, dress pants and a button up shirt is good. For women consider wearing things such as a dress or nice browse with dress skirt or dress pants


In closing, filling out the Panera Bread application is a great way to get you on your way to a successful career in the restaurant industry. If you are interested in a job with excellent advancement opportunities, I urge you to turn in a Panera Bread application today.